jueves, 19 de diciembre de 2013

24 bit uVolmteter with easter egg

I made this projecto for the http://hackaday.com fubarino contest with a small easter egg in the end.

Family photo, arduino top left, the coldtears electronics board wich has the LTC2400 and the 4.096 precision reference voltage is top right, and on the bottom the display with nice leds and buttons.

It uses a LTC2400 adc from coldtears electronics wich is about 19$ and has a nice arduino librarie
the display is from dx.com and it is based on a TM1838 here about 7$ and i thank tronixstuff for some usage explanation here excep that the leds colours are wrong with the librarie (red is green)

The code is here but it is very easy.
The project is not finished, and I must make more functions and solve some of the noise problems.
I will post more deveolpment in this blog
Thanks to de precission resistor voltage divider now I am reading up to 17V with 16777216 steps, so it is nearly a 1 uVolt resolution.


2 comentarios:

  1. Hello Dear! I'd like ask arduino has 10bit resolution and your adc 24,
    so u will lose 14bit?

  2. ADC communicates with Arduino using SPI interface, has nothing to do win Arduino internal ADC.